Anabulin (Nutrient Optimizer)

Product Info:

Get the most nutrients from your pre and most workout meals with Anabulin. Anabulin will pack those englarged cells with larger amounts of good nutrients at a rapid rate, expediting protein synthesis. Its crucial to have properly partitioned nutrients, so you can fuel muscle growth and build up muscle glycogen storage allowing even more growth, along with increased work capacity and increased recovery rates.

  • Immediate Effects of Insulin on Glucose Utilization
  • Increase Lean Muscle
  • Intense Pump and Vascularity
  • Enhances Fat Loss
  • Significantly Improves Nutrient Absorption
  • Safe for Men and Women

    3 Easy ways ANABULIN can be used to create some massive gains!


    (1) – Cheat Meals

    Enjoy eating cheat meals or even have them several times a day? No worries, because ANABULIN will take all the carbohydrates, proteins, and amino acids from those cheat meals and shuttles them directly into the muscle cells as fast as possible with the maximum volume of nutrients possible. The key with rapid transport is that since most of your nutrients are being used to build muscles, there will be less left over to turn into body fat, which is the last things any Alpha athlete wants.

    - Recommended to take (1-2) serving prior to high carb cheat meals.


    (2) – Post Workout Meals

    For post workout meals, taking ANABULIN is an absolute necessity. Why? Because after your workouts, the volume of the muscles cells are pumped and enlarged, which allows ANABULIN to pack those cells with large amounts of good nutrients at a rapid rate, expediting protein synthesis.

    - Recommended to take (1) serving prior to post workout meals. 


    (3) – Fasted Cardio

    If you LOVE fasted cardio or just like to workout on an empty stomach but hate that tired and trained feeling before you even workout, then you need ANABULIN. ANABULIN will use the sugar that is in your bloodstream and use it as an energy source to fuel your fasted cardio workouts. This is where the MAGIC happens, because once that sugar source has been depleted, that is when the body actually starts to burn fat.

    - Recommended to take (1) serving prior to post workout meals.






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